Slaanesh Terminators

This is our day! Do not let any moment of thrill and excitement slip away! Take everything and give nothing back! Those lives, all those bodies are ours! Bath in the warm pleasure of horror, make them suffer for our lord!

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Styrkaar is coming back!

After the long break I shall return!

This is the saga of Styrkaar, chosen servant of Shornaal, Darkling Prince of Chaos.

This is my ultimate sacrifice to powers of Pleasure. My road to gather an army of followers, worshipers, servants and slaves.

Slaanesh is to conquer your tepid prudery, to give your body and soul to the Prince of Delight and the Lord of Pleasure!

Last time I have checked it was 2014 for the last post in here. For this long time I was doing lots of different stuff. Bretonnia and Imperial Fists blogs and commission painting studio in London. Now it is time to go back to 40k and its new edition. Tomorrow my gents, I am going to GW store to but rule book and Chaos Codex along with box of Hellstriders, Chaos Space Marines and a Rhino.

In the name of Slaanesh! I am back!

Sonic blasters of Noise Marines

To sonic or not to sonic. This is the blaster.

Noise Marines wargear dilemma.

LilLegend Studio


As my next month games be 1000pts I would like to expand one of my Noise Marines units and make it 10 man squad. Aspiring champion with power sword is a must but what to do with special weapons for the rest of 8 guys (one is still carrying a blastmaster)? Looking for stats of sonic blaster one may say it is a fantastic stuff to have. Yest and no. Continue reading Sonic blasters of Noise Marines

Slaanesh psychic powers review

Because Slaanesh is not for dummies.

slaanesh sorcerer
Diego Gisbert

I must admit: this review is written by anger. Anger of what I have read at some distant blog abut 40k stuff. But it has to be forgiven, author is some pesky Space Marine, he obviously does not know a thing about Chaos psychic powers and might of Slaanesh. So let me preach you my lost child!  Continue reading Slaanesh psychic powers review

3 reasons to choose Noise Marines

Because there is no point to have a second nice and courteous alter ego.

Noise Marines

1. Real war, real violence, real evil. Slaanesh.

Let`s leave political/social media correctness of wargaming blogs for a minute (or a little bit longer) and let me ask you a question: what do we learn about all world conflicts? What stays in media after years and years after the final battle/invasion? Countless stories of cruelty, slaughter, persecution. And pregnant women. Continue reading 3 reasons to choose Noise Marines

The best army in 40k universe

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